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My beautiful bear passed to the Rainbow Bridge around 5:30 AM on Friday March 2, 2017, less than 10 months after his beautiful brother Eddie preceded him. Bear died during a seizure probably caused by a brain tumor. He was born in New Haven CT in spring 2001 to a feral mother and became part of the colony we took care of, though he was so friendly we named him "Friendly". We adopted him after he was injured in winter of 2003. We took him home from the vet hospital on Christmas eve. He was our best Christmas present ever. He immediately got along with all our other indoor cats and gave our youngest, Boo, who had lost his brother, a big brother to love and play with. Bear was very vocal, and somewhat neurotic--he would open every door he could and hated being in a closed room. He was a total love, and a snugglebug who loved being held and petted, having his ears scratched and his belly rubbed. He would tear around the house screaming for no apparent reason, and liked to come in the bathroom when I was there, to be petted. I am desolate at his passing, but he died in my arms which is a great blessing. And he didn't suffer. I miss him so much, the pain is awful, but you all know about that. He was one of my soulmates, along with his brother Eddie.

  Orange, Connecticut, United States
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