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Ten years ago I had just had to unexpectedly put down Bungee, my beloved fur baby for 14 years. I vowed I couldn't get another kitty. I thought Boo Boo and Sushi would be it for me. I just couldn't stand the pain of losing them when it was their time to go. However, I went into Petsmart, and it was Adoption Day. I walked down to the last cage, and they had just brought in two kittens that had been found under a burning car. This little Ragdoll looked at me with his beautiful blue semi-crossed eyes, rolled onto his back and started making air biscuits and purring. Needless to say he came home with me. He was the sweetest and best little boy-NEVER caused the slightest problem. A year ago he started to lose weight and became so thin. I took him in and spent $2000 on tests and they said he had IBD. We put him on prednisone, and he started to eat and gained back all his weight. He began to play, and I was so thankful to have my Dani back. A few months later he began to urinate outside his box. I was tired of washing rugs, so I put down some puppy training pads by the box. It was then that I noticed how dark his urine was, and it looked to have bloody flecks in it. I took him in again, and the vet said he had a UTI, and when he looked under the microscope he saw signs of kidney damage. He wanted me to take him off the prednisone, so I did. It was then that he began to lose weight again. I put him on a special diet, and he ate it for a while but shortly after he began to not like anything. He went downhill quickly. He began to stay in my bathroom and didn't want to be with the other cats. I came home from work one day, and he was unable to jump up to the cubby by himself, and he seemed to be really nervous. I took him to the vet once again, and he said he thought he had suffered a stroke and that it was time. I held him in my arm and rocked him while the vet gave him a sedative. I sang a little song to him and told him I loved him so much as he fell asleep. The vet administered the drug, and my baby went to meet Bob and Bungee at the Rainbow Bridge. I took him home and buried him in my flower garden. The next day I walked out to see a beautiful double rainbow, and I knew that Dani had safely crossed. I miss you, my sweet, but I am glad you are once again healthy and able to bat your toys across the room. I will see you again, my little love.

  Springville, Utah, United States
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