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In April 1999, I went to the Huntsville, Alabama Humane Society and peered into all of the cat cages looking for a cat. When I put my head down near Nellie's cage, she put her paw on top of my head. I was hers then and there. She's traveled all over the country with me (AL, GA, NH, CA) and has welcomed other animals in her house and has not once complained. She was never sick a day in her life until August 2011 when she was diagnosed with kidney disease. I took very good care of her for 2 1/2 years, giving her fluids, meds, supplements, and making sure she ate and drank. Her kidneys were stable for 2 1/2 years. In the end it wasn't her kidneys that got her but cancer (carcinomatosis). I could tell she was uncomfortable these last few weeks and she stopped doing most of the normal things. She was just lying in the same spot all day, barely eating. I could tell her QOL was not good. She went to sleep peacefully in my arms at the vet's office on Tuesday, January 14th at around 1:30pm. She will be forever missed by me. She was my first cat and therefore very special to me. I know she is over the Rainbow Bridge now sunning herself and watching all the other kitties play from her hilltop perch.

  McDonough, Georgia, United States 30253
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