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Rufus "chose" us the day we went to the local shelter to pick out a cat. It was 2 days after Christmas and the entire family (husband and 3 kids) went to find me a kitty to replace the one lost when we moved from Florida. Rufus had been found on Christmas Eve abandoned in the snow in northern Wisconsin. The shelter named him "Chris" for Christmas, but my husband said he looked like a "Rufus".

Rufus was my cat from the start - he slept with us at night and went to work with me in my home office every day. We bought him a huge tower to sit and play on and he was there every day while I worked. In the last year, he began lying on the desk while I typed. He followed me everywhere.

Rufus was approximately 6 months old when we got him and his heart murmur was diagnosed about 2 years later. He took daily medication for the rest of his life and even though his echo last year showed dramatic improvement, he passed in November 2013.

During most of his life, Rufus would run whenever strangers came to the house. He would hide until he was sure they were gone before coming out again. But the last two Christmases, he had been right in the middle of everything, even with the grandchildren. He slept by my side every night and I would go to sleep with my hand on him. This is the thing I miss the most! He always knew when I was sad or upset or not feeling well and would lie on the bed with me, nuzzle my hand and touch me with his paw.

We adopted a companion for Rufus after getting his diagnosis since he was lonely when we left. Prozac (black and white female) has a mind of her own and, even though she & Rufus became pals, she does not cuddle like Rufus.

About 3 years ago we "inherited" Pumpkin (buff tiger) from our daughter when she couldn't take him where she moved. He adapted well and became a pal to Rufus.

Early on a Sunday morning, my husband heard Rufus yowling in pain and went to the stairs to go to him but he pulled himself to the edge and fell over into my husband's arms. We called the vet and rushed him right there, but he had thrown a clot and she said there was nothing we could do that could make things better for him. I had to make the painful decision to end his life as peacefully as possible. I will never forget that morning when I had to say goodbye to my best friend. We still miss him so much.

  Niagara, Wisconsin, United States
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