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Indu, a gorgeous tabby cat was found wondering on the winter street. My neighbor adopted this great tabby and named him, Indu! Kitty had a great life. Unfortunately, kitty had a Thyroid problem, which led to a cancer. Indu exited this world on May 26,2012. He will not be forgotten! His little brothers and sisters( Maggie, Tyco, Hyhankya, Charlie, Saymon, and Myrzik) will remember him! Will your journey to the Rainbow's Bridge aka Heaven be easy and gorgeous. We all shall reunite in Heaven when the time comes. Indu say hello to my dearly departed cats (Panthera aka Pysia, Bars, Agat, Shkirnik, Koshechka and Kotyonochek) Mama will rejoice with them, when the time comes. Indu, rejoice in heaven! Do not forget us!Indu , you will rejoice with Alan , when the time comes. All of us and your brothers and sisters will be rejoicing in heaven!

  Illinois, United States
Memorial Added 05/27/2012
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