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Stashia Louise Wizner

We got Stashia at a house by the lake in 1994. She was 4 months old. My children then were 7 & 4 years old. Stashia could fit in the palm of your hand. She always was a tiny one. When we got her home, our oldest girl, Princess, took an immediate liking to her and became her mother. Cleaned her and loved her. Her first night with us, after we went to bed, she quietly crept into our bedroom and purred on the floor on my husband's side of the bed. He was in awe! Then she left him a very nice little pile of poop. That has been the joke of the family for a very long time.

As Stashia grew, we could see that she was quite the special little girl. A true lady. She was patient, kind, loving and compassionate. Patient in the sense that my son could do anything to her and she loved every minute of it. He would put her on her back and slowly and gently push her along the floor. She would sit on his chest and purr away. I would chase her and pick her up to give her tons of cuddles, and she purred away. Always smiling.

Stashia became our household thief! She had a passion for gold jewelry, and she would steal all my bracelets and necklaces if I left them on the dresser. Took them and put them in her special place. Yes, she truly loved gold. Not long ago, maybe a month, I caught her with her little paw stretched out to reach for my husbands gold medals on the night stand. Seeing she was caught in the act, she immediately pulled away.

Oh how our hearts ache for her now. My little golden girl went 10 years with renal failure, and it was conjestive heart failure that got her. She will be sadly sadly missed, my little golden girl.

She now rests in her favorite spot at the lake. Amid the lilac trees, where she will get some sun and some shade, the sound of birds chirping, chipmonks running around, and oh yes, the smell of her lilacs. Rest well my precious golden girl till mommy gets there.

  New York, United States
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