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Booger Boy

I know I will truly miss you, my precious Booger Boy. I am so glad you waited for mommy to be with you at the end. I'd have really been upset if you had gone on without me holding you and loving you and letting me give you a safe, peaceful journey to the Rainbow Bridge. You know that my love for you will never end and you will always be in my heart…now and forever..

Booger Boy was a rescue from the local Indian reservation from some people who were going to take him to the pound or just toss him out. I got him when he was about two years old in 2003. He fit into our family perfectly and was always pretty much "my" cat. He was never sick a day in his life, until he came down with this awful diabetes and IBD. He's been sick for a year now and has braved every crisis you can think of. I know he hasn’t felt well for all this time but we have braved his crisis times together. I know he knew how much I loved him and how special he was to me. And I know, too, that he just couldn't go on any longer. This past week has been a nightmare for him…with nightly crisis panics and daily trips to the vet (at the cost of nearly $1000...not counting the gas it took to get there). It wasn’t the money or the late nights or the time spent. It was knowing that no matter what we did, my precious boy probably wouldn’t make it, and this is what broke my heart. I'd do it all over again if I could just have him back with me.

Booger was an orange striped tabby shorthair with a white chest and a loving, sweet personality. He was already named when I got him so I just kept his name. Actually he was always on the mischievous side, but always very loving and obedient. Once he got the diabetes he and I were inseparable. He never even flinched or ran from me once when I had to give him his shots and I know I was NOT the best shot giver. He never gave up on me, so it's natural that I would not give up on him in his time of need. He was definitely a "lover" and a total favorite at the vet hospital. Everyone loved him and I will miss him terribly. I will hold him close to my heart forever. . Needless to say, many tears are being shed today for my precious boy.

And so, my precious boy…Until the day we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge…Stay safe…Play hard…Enjoy your new found good health and friends. Tell your sister, Bootsie and brothers Sam and Tough Cat, and your canine brothers Robbie, Copper, Prancer, Bumper, and sisters Nina, Precious, and all the others… all about what’s going on down here at the ranch. And remember to listen hard for that one special day when you all hear my footsteps on the Bridge.

It is then we will ALL be together again…This time “forever”.

  California, United States
Memorial Added 04/01/2012
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