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I love the breed - their temperament and personality is unlike any other breed we’ve ever had. How I learned of this breed happened years ago when Amie (our daughter)was still in junior high.
Amie was a voracious reader, and we had a Half Priced book store in our area, throughout the year I would pick up books for her. Anyway one book I picked up was “The Cat Who Flew to Paris” by Peter Gethers. Anyone who has a Fold knows about him and Norton. This was a true story of himself and his distain for cats until his sister showed up on his doorstep one day with this little ball of fluff named Norton. Peter went on to write a couple more books about his life – more of Norton’s life with him. Anyway Amie loved the book and fell in love with the breed – and swore one day she would have a Scottish Fold. When Amie was finally on her own and in medical school she got involved with a on line group for Scottish Folds. Amie found a retired breeder Fold, Maggie, then 6 years old through a breeder and finally had her Fold. Amie being gone a great deal of the day decided Maggie would enjoy a little company and started looking for a companion for Maggie. She became friends with several breeders, one of who said she wanted Amie to have a kitten, and she wouldn’t have to pay for it until she got out of school. Entering into the family came Boo. A darling little ball of fur. That’s when Amie’s troubles began. Maggie didn’t like Boo. It turned out that the breeder that retired Maggie did so because all the other cats in her cattery were picking on Maggie. Now Maggie was top cat and she wasn’t going to take any crap from a young whipper snapper kitten name Boo. Amie spent the next several months trying to get the two to except each other, to no avail. Summer came and Amie went away on a weeks vacation, leaving the cats, Boo with a friend of mine and Maggie with me. When Amie came home, she decided she had to give Maggie up fearing the it was doing to much emotional damage to Boo to be in the same house. Of course I had grown to love Maggie in that short week she was there with us, but I had a husband much like Peter Gethers who really didn’t like cats (especially indoor cats). We already had an outdoor cat and Don said one was enough. Well after many tears and much pleading I won and got to keep Maggie. I got my Scottish Fold by default. Maggie was well embedded into my heart already in that short week, but over the years Don too grew quiet fond of her (you’d be hard pressed to get him to admit it though). I was really surprised how shocked and upset he was when I called him at work and told him I had to put Maggie down. When he had left for work she looked and acted normal to him, he hadn’t realized she had been vomiting the prior couple of days. Maggie even Tuesday morning didn’t look sick and Dave the vet said she wasn’t in any pain, yet, but she was getting weaker because she couldn’t get the food through her system, and pain would have been forthcoming within a day or two. Hard as it was, I know it was the right decision to let her go.

  Santa Rosa, California, United States 95404
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