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You came into our lives near the end of your own.

As an elderly, ill kitty you never asked for anything but love and comfort.

Our promise to you from the day you were adopted was that we would never let you suffer.
That we would always try to comfort you and let you know that you had a forever home until it was time to go.

Two years with us wasn't long enough, I miss you and cry every day. It's been eight months, it feels like eight days.

I wonder what you must of been like as a kitten and young cat. Did you spend hours playing? Did you have a favorite toy?

What a joy you must have been for your elderly owner! She loved you Happy and only gave you up when she became too ill to care for you. I know you thought she abandoned you, that's why you almost died at the shelter.

When I saw your face I knew I had to bring you home. You with your handsome face and beautiful green eyes!
You became King of our Castle, you sure loved your daddy and the treats he would give you every morning and before bed.

You were the kindest, gentlest boy never complaining when I gave you your daily pills.
You didn't squirm or hiss at the vet or when your cardiologist did your ultrasounds. You never once swiped a paw or even go after the parakeet.

You were the sweetest boy ever.

And that morning when I looked into your beautiful green eyes and saw the pain I knew that we had to keep our promise and let you go. Dr C said you would not survive an operation, that you would die on the table. Your stomach had become twisted somehow, you were in so much pain but you never made a sound. Your eyes told a different story however. You must have been in agony.

It killed me but I stayed in the room and touched your head while daddy petted you and looked into those beautiful green eyes as you slipped away. You weren't alone, we told you that you would never be alone.

It was the hardest thing I have had to do, even harder that saying goodbye to our other boys. Somehow your passing is harder to deal with.

Perhaps it is because our bond was different, you were a hospice cat, you needed us more than they did. You were dying from the day we adopted you, we just didn't realize it then.

I pray I will see you again and our other boys too. I know they are looking out for you now.
You are forever my beautiful, sweet "Honey B".

I love you sweet boy, I love you with all my heart

July 30, 2011
My dear sweet boy, it was one year ago today that you left us, almost to this very minute.
I have not forgotten, nor have I stopped mourning.
I miss your beautiful green eyes, your kind and gentle ways and your sweet loving nature. You showed incredible bravery when facing so much illness. I hope you are in heaven now and forever a young kitty able to play endlessly and run without pain.
I wish this ache in my heart would go away, I realize it never really will.
I hope I will see you again someday my precious, beautiful, forever boy.

July 30. 2012

My dear sweet boy. Two years have passed since you left us. I still cannot see your picture or speak of you without tears.

I think of you often and pray you are happy and free of the pain that so ravaged your small body.

We adopted an unwanted shelter kitty. A little tortie girl who came from a family that never showed her love or even took time to teach her how to play. She has been quite a challenge for us but she is finally realizing she is loved and now has a forever home. I know you would certainly approve.

I love you, until we see each other again please watch over the other boys - Lawrence, Hardy and Geddy too.

Your beautiful face is forever in my dreams and the kindness of your soul lies within my heart.

July 30, 2016
Happy, you died five years ago today. I hope you were there to greet Cali at the Rainbow Bridge when she died three years to the day you left us.
I miss you my kind, sweet and gentle boy.

July 30, 2017
I have not forgotten you my gentle, sweet Honey "B". You died seven years ago today, the very day we lost our Cali. Please take care of her and know that we will see you both again someday. Two years with you was not enough. I hope you are well and in no more pain. We miss you Happy.

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